One plugin. Many amazing possibilities.

Meet Nucleus, the modern all-in-one basics plugin for Sponge servers.

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We'll worry about the basics. You worry about your uniqueness.

We've got your back. With all the simple commands you're used to ready for you, you'll be good to go in minutes. But beneath our simple setup our configuration makes it all about you. Don't want warp functionality? Turn it off! Want to charge for a command? Done. Warmups and cooldowns? Wait for it...

With both Vanilla and Modded servers supported via Sponge, Nucleus is the choice for you.

Plugins can join the party!

Making a plugin that might make use of Nucleus? We've got you covered too! Want to use a few warps? Get them from Nucleus's warp service. Want to set a player home? We can do that too. Want to jail someone who breaks the rules of your game? You'll have those rule-breakers behind bars in no time!

It's not just about integration! Do you develop a plugin that offers advanced functionality that replaces part of what Nucleus does? You can request to turn off parts of the plugin! No more command conflicts, Nucleus can adapt to a server without the server owners batting an eyelid!

For you. Forever.

Nucleus is free and always will be. It is licenced under the MIT licence which means it is there for you to use and modify as you wish. We love open source and we love our community, and we hope that Nucleus furthers your community in ways you could not imagine before.

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Stuck? The Nucleus Documentation is a good place to start

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Open Source

Everything is open source. Even this website!

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