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Command Reference

The following table contains all the commands available in Nucleus, ordered by module.

If you're looking for the permissions reference, you can find it here.

Nucleus Command Reference

Module Command Base Permission Description
admin /blockzap nucleus.blockzap.base Sets the target block to air.
admin /gamemode nucleus.gamemode.base Sets a player's game mode.
admin /gamemode gmt nucleus.gamemode.base Toggles your game mode between survival and creative.
admin /gma nucleus.gamemode.base Toggles your game mode to adventure.
admin /gmc nucleus.gamemode.base Toggles your game mode to creative.
admin /gms nucleus.gamemode.base Toggles your game mode to survival.
admin /gmsp nucleus.gamemode.base Toggles your game mode to spectator.
admin /kill nucleus.kill.base Kill the specified player(s) and/or entities.
admin /killentity nucleus.killentity.base Kills the specified entities.
admin /stop nucleus.stop.base Stops the server.
admin /sudo nucleus.sudo.base Forces a player to run a command.
admin /tellplain nucleus.tellplain.base Allows the user to send a message to a player without prefixes or suffixes.
afk /afk nucleus.afk.base Toggles the player's AFK state.
afk /afkkick nucleus.afkkick.base Kicks all currently AFK players.
afk /afkrefresh nucleus.afkrefresh.base Invalidates the AFK permission cache.
back /back nucleus.back.base Allows a user to return to their last place before death or warp.
back /clearback nucleus.clearback.base Allows a user to clear another user's current "back" position.
ban /ban nucleus.ban.base Bans a player.
ban /checkban nucleus.checkban.base Checks the ban status for a player.
ban /tempban nucleus.tempban.base Temporarily bans a player.
ban /unban nucleus.tempban.base Unbans a player.
chat /me nucleus.me.base Formats the next chat message as an action, using the format set by the server.
command-spy /commandspy nucleus.commandspy.base Enables or disables seeing commands that others have run.
core /commandinfo nucleus.commandinfo.base Returns information about a command
core /nucleus nucleus.nucleus.base Displays Nucleus version and module information.
core /nucleus compatibility nucleus.nucleus.compatibility.base Lists any compatibility issues that have been detected.
core /nucleus debug nucleus.nucleus.debug.base Utilities to support debugging server issues.
core /nucleus debug getuuids nucleus.nucleus.debug.getuuids.base Gets all UUIDs that appear to be registered to a username.
core /nucleus debug refreshuniquevisitors nucleus.nucleus.debug.refreshuniquevisitors.base Refreshes the {{uniquecount}} token, in case it's out of sync.
core /nucleus debug verifycmds nucleus.nucleus.debug.verifycmds.base Verifies that all command keys are set correctly
core /nucleus docgen nucleus.nucleus.docgen.base Generates Nucleus documentation data files
core /nucleus getuser nucleus.nucleus.getuser.base Gets or refreshes a user's entry in the username cache.
core /nucleus info nucleus.nucleus.info.base Creates a file in the server root directory containing information about the server and Nucleus environment.
core /nucleus nucleus nucleus.nucleus.clearcache.base Clears the in-memory cache of users who have logged on in the past session, forcing Nucleus to read the data files on their next login.
core /nucleus printperms nucleus.nucleus.printperms.base Prints all permissions registered in Nucleus.
core /nucleus rebuildusercache nucleus.nucleus.rebuildusercache.base Rebuild the Nucleus user cache.
core /nucleus reload nucleus.nucleus.reload.base Reloads Nucleus' configuration files.
core /nucleus resetfirstjoin nucleus.nucleus.resetfirstjoin.base Resets a user's first join status.
core /nucleus resetuser nucleus.nucleus.resetuser.base Deletes all data in Nucleus, and optionally, Minecraft, for a player.
core /nucleus save nucleus.nucleus.save.base Saves all files.
core /nucleus setupperms nucleus.nucleus.setupperms.base Allows the user to add the recommended permissions for either USER, MOD or ADMIN roles to a specified group.
core /nuserprefs nucleus.userprefs.base Gets and sets Nucleus user preferences.
core /setnucleuslanguage nucleus.userprefs.base Sets the Nucleus language for self or a given player.
core /update-messages nucleus.nucleus.update-messages.base Scans the messages file for keys that might not include all the required tokens and replaces them with the standard translation.
crafting-gui /anvil nucleus.anvil.base Opens an anvil window so users can repair and rename items.
crafting-gui /enchantingtable nucleus.enchantingtable.base Opens an enchanting table window so users can enchant items.
crafting-gui /workbench nucleus.workbench.base Opens a crafting table window so users can craft.
environment /lockweather nucleus.lockweather.base Locks the weather on the specified world.
environment /time nucleus.time.base Gets the time for the specified world.
environment /time set nucleus.time.set.base Sets the time for the specified world.
environment /weather nucleus.weather.base Sets the weather on the specified world.
experience /exp nucleus.exp.base Displays the specified player's current experience.
experience /exp give nucleus.exp.give.base Gives experience to the specified player.
experience /exp set nucleus.exp.set.base Sets the specified player's experience.
experience /exp take nucleus.exp.take.base Removes experience from the specified player.
fly /fly nucleus.fly.base Set specified player's fly mode.
freeze-subject /freezeplayer nucleus.freezeplayer.base Freezes a player in place.
fun /hat nucleus.hat.base Puts the item in the player's hand on their head as a helmet.
fun /ignite nucleus.ignite.base Sets the specified player on fire.
fun /kittycannon nucleus.kittycannon.base Fire exploding cats from your person.
fun /lightning nucleus.lightning.base Strikes a position or player with a lightning bolt.
fun /rocket nucleus.rocket.base Fires a player upwards like a rocket.
home /home nucleus.home.base Teleports to home.
home /home delete nucleus.home.base Deletes a home.
home /home deleteother nucleus.home.deleteother.base Deletes another player's home.
home /home limit nucleus.home.limit.base Display the number of homes you (or another player) can set.
home /home list nucleus.home.list.base Lists homes.
home /home other nucleus.home.other.base Teleports to another player's home.
home /home set nucleus.home.set.base Sets a home with the specified name.
ignore /ignore nucleus.ignore.base Toggles ignoring of all chat messages.
ignore /ignorelist nucleus.ignorelist.base Shows the names of players that are currently being ignored by the target player
info /info nucleus.info.base Get server information.
info /motd nucleus.motd.base Allows the user to view the server MOTD, as defined in the "motd.txt" file.
inventory /clear nucleus.clear.base Clears a player's inventory.
inventory /enderchest nucleus.enderchest.base Allows the user to inspect their (or another player's) ender chest.
inventory /invsee nucleus.invsee.base Allows the user to inspect a target's inventory.
invulnerability /god nucleus.god.base Set specified player's invulnerability status.
item /enchant nucleus.enchant.base Allows the user to enchant items.
item /itemname nucleus.itemname.base Base command for Item Name related actions.
item /itemname clear nucleus.itemname.clear.base Clears the name assigned to the item currently in the player's hand.
item /itemname set nucleus.itemname.set.base Sets the user facing name for the item currently in the player's hand.
item /lore nucleus.lore.base Base command for Lore related actions.
item /lore add nucleus.lore.set.base Adds a new line to the lore on the current item in the hand.
item /lore clear nucleus.lore.set.base Clears the lore on the current item in the hand.
item /lore delete nucleus.lore.set.base Deletes a line of the lore on the current item in the hand at a specific line.
item /lore edit nucleus.lore.set.base Edits the lore on the current item in the hand at a specific line.
item /lore insert nucleus.lore.set.base Inserts a new line to the lore on the current item in the hand at a specific line.
item /lore set nucleus.lore.set.base Sets the lore on the current item in the hand. The current lore is replaced.
item /more nucleus.more.base Sets item in hand to a full stack.
item /repair nucleus.repair.base Repairs item in hand.
item /showitemattributes nucleus.showitemattributes.base Shows or hides item attributes on item hover.
item /skull nucleus.skull.base Spawns in copies of the specified player's skull (or your own, if no player is specified) into your inventory.
item /trash nucleus.trash.base Opens an inventory window which acts as a disposal unit, deleting items placed into it.
item /unsignbook nucleus.unsignbook.base Makes the book in the target player's hand writable again.
jail /checkjail nucleus.jail.checkjail.base Checks if a player is jailed.
jail /checkjailed nucleus.checkjailed.base Returns a list of currently jailed players, optionally in the specified jail.
jail /jail nucleus.jail.base Jails a player.
jail /jails nucleus.jail.list.base Lists all jails.
jail /jails delete nucleus.jail.delete.base Deletes a jail.
jail /jails set nucleus.jail.set.base Creates a jail.
jail /jails tp nucleus.jail.tp.base Warp to a jail.
jail /unjail nucleus.jail.unjail.base Unjails a player.
jump /jump nucleus.jump.base Perform a short range "jump" to the block they are looking at.
jump /thru nucleus.thru.base Teleport to the other side of a wall.
jump /top nucleus.top.base Teleports the user (or target player) to the surface.
jump /unstuck nucleus.unstuck.base Attempts to nudge players by one block to unstick them, if possible.
kick /kick nucleus.kick.base Kicks a player
kick /kickall nucleus.kickall.base Kicks all players, optionally turning the whitelist on.
kit /kit nucleus.kit.base Redeems a kit.
kit /kit autoredeem nucleus.kit.autoredeem.base Sets or unsets a kit to auto redeem on login.
kit /kit command nucleus.kit.command.base Lists the commands associated with a kit.
kit /kit command add nucleus.kit.command.add.base Adds a command to the specified kit.
kit /kit command clear nucleus.kit.command.remove.base Removes all commands from the specified kit.
kit /kit command remove nucleus.kit.command.remove.base Removes a command from the specified kit.
kit /kit cooldown nucleus.kit.setcooldown.base Sets the cooldown on a kit.
kit /kit cost nucleus.kit.cost.base Sets the cost for a kit.
kit /kit create nucleus.kit.create.base Opens a chest window and lets you create a kit through the Minecraft inventory interface.
kit /kit edit nucleus.kit.edit.base Opens a GUI for editing kit contents.
kit /kit give nucleus.kit.give.base Redeems a kit on the specified player.
kit /kit hidden nucleus.kit.hidden.base Sets whether a kit is displayed in the kit list.
kit /kit info nucleus.kit.info.base Lists information about the kit.
kit /kit list nucleus.kit.list.base Lists the kits that are available.
kit /kit onetime nucleus.kit.onetime.base Sets or unsets a kit as a one time use kit.
kit /kit permissionbypass nucleus.kit.permissionbypass.base Sets whether a separate permission is required to redeem a kit, if separate permissions is enabled in the config.
kit /kit reload nucleus.kit.reload.base Discards cached kit information and reloads data from persistence.
kit /kit remove nucleus.kit.remove.base Deletes a kit.
kit /kit rename nucleus.kit.rename.base Renames a kit
kit /kit resetusage nucleus.kit.resetusage.base Resets a player's usage of a kit, allowing them to redeem the kit again immediately.
kit /kit set nucleus.kit.set.base Sets the items in a kit to your current inventory.
kit /kit setfirstjoin nucleus.kit.setfirstjoin.base Sets up a kit so it gets redeemed for every new player that joins the server.
kit /kit toggleredeemmessage nucleus.kit.toggleredeemmessage.base Sets or unsets whether redeeming a kit will notify the target user.
kit /kit view nucleus.kit.view.base View the contents of a kit.
mail /mail nucleus.mail.base Retrieves mail that has been sent to you.
mail /mail clear nucleus.mail.base Clears all mail in your inbox.
mail /mail other nucleus.mail.other.base Read others' mail.
mail /mail send nucleus.mail.send.base Sends a mail to the specified player.
message /helpop nucleus.helpop.base Send a message to all available staff
message /message nucleus.message.base Send a message to a player, or the console with "-".
message /msgtoggle nucleus.msgtoggle.base Prevent players from private messaging you.
message /reply nucleus.message.base Send a message to the last player that sent you a message.
message /socialspy nucleus.socialspy.base See all private messages sent to other players.
misc /blockinfo nucleus.blockinfo.base Get information about the block you are currently facing.
misc /entityinfo nucleus.entityinfo.base Get information about the entity you are currently facing.
misc /extinguish nucleus.extinguish.base Extinguishes a player that is currently burning
misc /feed nucleus.feed.base Set specified player's hunger to full.
misc /heal nucleus.heal.base Fully heal the specified player.
misc /iteminfo nucleus.iteminfo.base Get information about the item you are currently holding.
misc /ping nucleus.ping.base Displays the current latency for the target player.
misc /serverstat nucleus.serverstat.base Displays server runtime statistics.
misc /servertime nucleus.servertime.base Displays the current server time.
misc /speed nucleus.speed.base Sets or gets the specified player's walking or flying speed.
misc /suicide nucleus.suicide.base Kill your player, displaying the Game Over screen.
mob /spawnmob nucleus.spawnmob.base Spawns in mobs at the specified player's location.
mute /checkmute nucleus.checkmute.base Checks whether the specified player is muted.
mute /checkmuted nucleus.checkmuted.base Returns a list of currently muted players.
mute /globalmute nucleus.globalmute.base Enable or disable a server wide mute. Anyone that has the permission "nucleus.globalmute.voice.auto" will always have voice.
mute /mute nucleus.mute.base Mutes the specified player.
mute /unmute nucleus.mute.unmute.base Unmutes the specified player.
mute /voice nucleus.globalmute.voice.base Allows a user to speak when a global mute is in effect.
nameban /nameban nucleus.nameban.base Bans a specific IGN (rather than specific player) from joining the server.
nameban /nameunban nucleus.nameban.unban.base Allows a specific IGN (rather than specific player) to join the server again.
nickname /delnick nucleus.nick.base Deletes your current nickname
nickname /nick nucleus.nick.base Sets your nickname/display name
nickname /realname nucleus.realname.base Gets the player's realname from the provided nickname.
note /checknotes nucleus.note.base Allows the user to check a player's notes.
note /clearnotes nucleus.clearnotes.base Allows the user to clear a player's notes.
note /note nucleus.note.notify.base Allows the user to add a note to a player.
note /removenote nucleus.removenote.base Allows the user to delete a specific note attached to a player.
notification /basicactionbar nucleus.basicactionbar.base Send an "Action Bar" message to players.
notification /basicsubtitle nucleus.basicsubtitle.base Send a Subtitle message to players.
notification /basictitle nucleus.basictitle.base Send a Title message to players.
notification /broadcast nucleus.broadcast.base Broadcasts a message to the entire server.
notification /plainbroadcast nucleus.plainbroadcast.base Allows the user to send a broadcast without prefixes or suffixes.
playerinfo /getfromip nucleus.getfromip.base Gets all users last seen on the specified IP.
playerinfo /getpos nucleus.getpos.base Gets the location of the executing or target player.
playerinfo /list nucleus.list.base Lists the players on the server.
playerinfo /near nucleus.near.base List players nearby
playerinfo /seen nucleus.seen.base Gets information about the specified player.
powertool /powertool nucleus.powertool.base Binds the item in hand to the specified command.
powertool /powertool delete nucleus.powertool.base Removes any powertool bindings to the item in hand.
powertool /powertool list nucleus.powertool.base Lists all current powertools that the user has.
powertool /toggle nucleus.powertool.base Toggles whether powertools activate.
rtp /rtp nucleus.rtp.base Allows the user to teleport to a random destination within the world border.
rules /rules nucleus.rules.base Read the server rules.
server-list /serverlist nucleus.serverlist.base Provides functions for modifying the server list.
server-list /serverlist message nucleus.serverlist.message.base Allows for temporary modification of the server list MOTD, on a timed basis.
spawn /firstspawn nucleus.firstspawn.base If set, warp to the new player spawn point.
spawn /setfirstspawn nucleus.firstspawn.set.base Sets the new player spawn point.
spawn /setfirstspawn del nucleus.firstspawn.remove.base Removes the new player spawn point.
spawn /setspawn nucleus.setspawn.base Sets the current world spawn point.
spawn /spawn nucleus.spawn.base Warp to a world spawn point.
spawn /spawn other nucleus.spawn.other.base Warp another player to a world spawn point.
staff-chat /staffchat nucleus.staffchat.base Allows the user to chat in the staff chat channel.
staff-chat /toggleviewstaffchat nucleus.staffchat.base Toggles whether the user is receiving staff chat messages.
teleport /teleport nucleus.teleport.teleport.base Teleports one player to another's location.
teleport /tpa nucleus.teleport.tpa.base Send a request to a player to ask for you to teleport to them.
teleport /tpaall nucleus.teleport.tpaall.base Request all players on the server to teleport to your location.
teleport /tpaccept nucleus.teleport.tpaccept.base Accept a pending teleport request.
teleport /tpahere nucleus.teleport.tpahere.base Send a request to a player to ask them to teleport to you.
teleport /tpall nucleus.teleport.tpall.base Forcefully teleport all players on the server to your location.
teleport /tpdeny nucleus.teleport.tpdeny.base Deny a pending teleport request.
teleport /tphere nucleus.teleport.tphere.base Teleports a player to your location.
teleport /tppos nucleus.teleport.tppos.base Teleport to the specified location.
teleport /tptoggle nucleus.teleport.tptoggle.base Toggle whether teleport requests are received.
vanish /vanish nucleus.vanish.base Toggles whether you are invisible on the server.
vanish /vanishonlogin nucleus.vanish.onlogin.base Toggles whether you log in to the server vanished.
warp /warp nucleus.warp.base Teleport to the specified warp.
warp /warp category nucleus.warp.category.base Base command for category management.
warp /warp category list nucleus.warp.category.list.base Lists all the warp categories in use on the server.
warp /warp category removedescription nucleus.warp.category.description.base Removes the description for a category.
warp /warp category removedisplayname nucleus.warp.category.displayname.base Removes the display name for a category.
warp /warp category setdescription nucleus.warp.category.description.base Sets the description for a category.
warp /warp category setdisplayname nucleus.warp.category.displayname.base Sets a display name for a category.
warp /warp cost nucleus.warp.cost.base Set the cost of the specified warp.
warp /warp delete nucleus.warp.delete.base Lists all warps on the server.
warp /warp list nucleus.warp.list.base Lists all warps on the server.
warp /warp set nucleus.warp.set.base Sets a warp.
warp /warp setcategory nucleus.warp.setcategory.base Sets the category of a warp for display in /warp list.
warp /warp setdescription nucleus.warp.setdescription.base Sets or removes (with -r) the description for the warp.
world /world nucleus.world.base Parent command for all other world commands.
world /world border nucleus.world.border.base Parent command for world border commands.
world /world border cancelgen nucleus.world.border.gen.base Cancels any current world border generation.
world /world border gen nucleus.world.border.gen.base Generates chunks up to the world border.
world /world border reset nucleus.world.border.set.base Resets the world border to the default width.
world /world border set nucleus.world.border.set.base Sets the world border.
world /world clone nucleus.world.clone.base Clones an existing world and registers it
world /world create nucleus.world.create.base Creates a world with the specified name and options.
world /world delete nucleus.world.delete.base Deletes a world from the disc.
world /world disable nucleus.world.disable.base Disables a world that is unloaded, preventing it from being loaded in future.
world /world enable nucleus.world.enable.base Enables a world, allowing it to be loaded on demand.
world /world gamerule nucleus.world.gamerule.base Displays a world's game rules.
world /world gamerule set nucleus.world.gamerule.set.base Sets the specified world's game rule.
world /world generators nucleus.world.create.base Shows available generators for use when creating a world.
world /world info nucleus.world.list.base Displays information about one world.
world /world list nucleus.world.list.base Lists all worlds.
world /world load nucleus.world.load.base Loads a world that is currently unloaded.
world /world modifiers nucleus.world.create.base Shows available modifiers for use when creating a world.
world /world presets nucleus.world.create.base Shows available presets for use when creating a world.
world /world rename nucleus.world.rename.base Allows you to rename and unloaded world.
world /world setdifficulty nucleus.world.setdifficulty.base Sets the difficulty of a world.
world /world setgamemode nucleus.world.setgamemode.base Sets the gamemode of a world.
world /world sethardcore nucleus.world.sethardcore.base Sets whether a world has hardcore mode enabled.
world /world setkeepspawnloaded nucleus.world.setkeepspawnloaded.base Sets whether a world will keep the chunks around it's spawn point loaded.
world /world setloadonstartup nucleus.world.setloadonstartup.base Sets whether a world will load on startup.
world /world setpvpenabled nucleus.world.setpvpenabled.base Sets whether a world has PVP enabled.
world /world setspawn nucleus.world.setspawn.base Sets the spawn point of a world.
world /world spawn nucleus.world.spawn.base Teleports to world spawn.
world /world teleport nucleus.world.teleport.base Teleports you, or another player, to the specified world.
world /world unload nucleus.world.unload.base Unloads a world that is currently loaded.

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