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Essentials Command Equivalence

This page details the equivalent Nucleus command for many Essentials commands. Not all Essentials commands are in Nucleus, not all Nucleus commands are inspired by Essentials. This is intended as a quick guide - for more information about a command, see its entry on the command page.

If you're looking for the permissions reference, you can find it here.
If you're looking for the command reference, you can find it here.

Essentials Nucleus equivalent Notes
afk, away afk, away, nafk None
back, return back, return, nback None
ban ban, nban None
break blockzap, zapblock, nblockzap Requires co-ordinates, whereas Essentials required you to look at the block.
broadcast, bcast broadcast, bcast, bc, nbroadcast None
burn ignite, burn, nignite None
buy itembuy, buy, nitembuy None
clearinventory, ci, clean, clearinvent clear, clearinv, clearinventory, ci, clearinvent, nclear None
delhome, remhome, rmhome home delete, home del, deletehome, delhome None
deljail, remjail, rmjail jails delete, jails del, jails remove, deljail, rmjail, deletejail None
delwarp, remwarp, rmwarp warp delete, warp del None
enchant, enchantment enchant, nenchant None
enderchest, echest, endersee, ec enderchest, ec, echest, nenderchest None
exp, xp exp, experience, xp, nexp None
feed, eat feed, eat, nfeed None
fly fly, nfly None
gamemode, gm gamemode, gm, ngamemode /gm does not toggle between survival and creative, use /gmt for that
gc, lag, mem, memory, uptime, tps, entities serverstat, gc, uptime, nserverstat None
getpos, coords, position, whereami, getlocation, getloc getpos, coords, position, whereami, getlocation, getloc, ngetpos None
gma, adventure gma, adventure, ngma None
gmc, creative gmc, creative, ngmc None
gms, survival gms, survival, ngms None
gmt gmt, ngmt None
god, godmode, tgm god, invuln, invulnerability, ngod None
hat, head hat, head, nhat None
heal heal, nheal None
helpop, amsg, ac helpop, nhelpop None
home, homes home, nhome '/homes' will list homes, '/home' will teleport like Essentials did.
ignore ignore, nignore None
info, ifo, news, about, inform info, einfo, ninfo None
invsee invsee, ninvsee None
itemdb, itemno, durability, dura iteminfo, itemdb, niteminfo Nucleus tries to provide much more info!
jails jails, njails None
jump, j, jumpto jump, j, jmp, njump None
kick kick, nkick None
kickall kickall, nkickall None
kill, remove, butcher, killall, mobkill kill, nkill Nucleus supports killing entities using the Minecraft selectors.
kit, kits kit, nkit '/kit' redeems, '/kits' lists.
lightning, strike, smite, thor, shock lightning, strike, smite, thor, shock, nlightning Selectors can be used, entities can be struck.
list, who, playerlist, online, plist list, listplayers, ls, nlist None
mail, email mail, email, nmail None
me, action, describe me, action, nme None
more more, stack, nmore None
motd motd, nmotd None
msg, tell, m, t, whisper message, m, msg, whisper, w, t, tell, nmessage None
mute, silence mute, unmute, nmute None
near near, nnear None
nick, nickname nick, nickname, nnick To remove a nickname, use '/delnick'
ping, pong, echo ping, nping Returns your latency, not your message.
powertool, pt powertool, pt, npowertool None
powertooltoggle, ptt, pttoggle powertool toggle None
r, reply reply, r, nreply None
realname realname, nrealname None
repair, fix repair, mend, nrepair None
rules rules, nrules None
seen seen, seenplayer, lookup, nseen None
sell itemsell, sell, nitemsell None
sethome, createhome home set, homeset, sethome None
setjail, createjail jails set, setjail, createjail None
setspawn setspawn, nsetspawn None
setwarp, createwarp warp set, setwarp, warpset None
setworth setworth, setitemworth, nsetworth None
skull, playerskull, head skull, nskull None
socialspy socialspy, nsocialspy None
spawn spawn, nspawn None
spawnmob, mob spawnmob, spawnentity, mobspawn, nspawnmob None
speed, flyspeed, walkspeed, fspeed, wspeed speed, nspeed This command either uses your current state or a specified argument to determine whether to alter fly or walk speed.
sudo sudo, nsudo None
suicide suicide, nsuicide None
tempban tempban, ntempban None
thunder, sun, weather, sky, storm, rain weather, nweather None
time, day, night time set, settime, timeset A time MUST be specified.
time time, ntime This just displays the time. Use '/time set' to set the time.
togglejail, tjail, unjail, jail jail, unjail, togglejail, njail None
top top, tosurface, totop, ntop None
tp, tele, tp2p, teleport, tpo teleport, tp, nteleport If you have permission, this will override '/tptoggle' automatically.
tpa, call, tpask tpa, teleportask, call, tpask, ntpa None
tpaall tpaall, tpaskall, ntpaall None
tpaccept, tpyes tpaccept, teleportaccept, tpyes, ntpaccept None
tpahere tpahere, tpaskhere, teleportaskhere, ntpahere None
tpall tpall, tpallhere, ntpall None
tpdeny, tpno tpdeny, teleportdeny, tpno, ntpdeny None
tphere, s, tpohere tphere, tph, ntphere If you have permission, this will override '/tptoggle' automatically.
tppos tppos, ntppos None
tptoggle tptoggle, ntptoggle None
unban, pardon unban, pardon, nunban None
vanish, v vanish, v, nvanish None
warp, warps warp, nwarp Use '/warp' for warping, '/warps' to list warps.
world world teleport, world tp The world command in Essentials was just a warp command.
worth, price worth, nworth None

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