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How to Enable & Disable Modules

Nucleus allows you to select which functionality that the plugin will provide.

Nucleus is broken into multiple modules that can be enabled or disabled as required. Modules can be enabled/disabled in main.conf.

Unlike most other Nucleus configuration options, any changes to modules will not take effect until you restart your server.

In the main.conf file, the section -modules will contain a list of modules to enable state pairs. For example, the afk module will generate an entry looking like the following:


By default, all modules are enabled unless another plugin tells Nucleus not to load it because it will handle the . Modules are be set to one of three states:

  • ENABLED: default, the module will be loaded unless another plugin asks for the module to be disabled.
  • DISABLED: the module will not be loaded
  • FORCELOAD: the module will be loaded and cannot be disabled

Change each entry as required. Once done, restart your server to change the modules that are loaded.


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