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Migrate from Nucleus v1

Nucleus v2 has many changes, a few of these may require action from users.

Updated 20th September 2020

Nucleus v2 is a mostly automatic upgrade from Nucleus v1.14.x, however there are some changes that server owners must perform to ensure continuation of service.

The Warning and Server Shop modules have been removed

The Warning module has an API that plugins can use to migrate Nucleus data. Otherwise, you will require new plugins to replace this functionality.

Some functions of the Admin module have been migrated to new modules

Experience related commands and functions are now in the experience module. Broadcasts are now in the notification module. Review whether you require these modules, and review any updated configuration.

Chat Formatting groups no longer use permission groups

In Nucleus v1, tried to use permission groups directly in order to determine which template to use. However, this was error prone and slow, and was a contributing factor to some lag on servers.

In order to improve performance and to give users more control over their group templates, Nucleus now checks for the permission option/meta instead, and uses the “group name” attached to this option to determine which group template to use.

The result is much faster performance, especially when optimised permission plugins, and more control over which group template a player has.

This is a great time to consider whether group templates can be simplified using Nucleus’ ability to use multiple prefixes, suffixes, chat colours and name colours. Learn more about chat formatting here.

/list groups no longer use permission groups

Similarly, the /list command, one of the first that was added to Nucleus and also uses permission groups. Because /list checks groups of all players, it could be used to slow down a server maliciously. Some work into caching went on, however this was not an optimal solution.

Nucleus now checks for the permission option/meta. This text is what is used for the groups as displayed in /list. As a result, the and playerinfo.list.list-grouping-by-permission.use-aliases-only no longer exists. The nucleus.list.weight option is no longer used either.

The result is simpler code, faster performance.

Command Alias changes need re-applying

All aliases that were disabled will be re-enabled as the format of commands.conf has changed slightly. Please review the commands config carefully, reapplying changes that you may wish to keep.

Learn more about command management using the tutorial here.

The /tp alias now defaults to Minecraft’s command, not Nucleus’

This is to aid in mod compatibility. /teleport is still taken by Nucleus by default. If you wish /tp to be handled by Nucleus, set the alias to true in commands.conf, as suggested in the above note.

The warps.separate-permissions config option no longer exists

To grant users warp permission, they must have the specific permission nucleus.warps.[warpname] where [warpname] is the name of the warp (in lower case). If you want a user to have access to all warps, provide the nucleus.warps permission.

Learn more about warps using the tutorial here

The admin.separate-gamemode-permissions config option no longer exists

To grant users the ability to switch to a specific gamemode, they must have the specific permission nucleus.gamemode.modes.[gamemode], where [gamemode] is the gamemode that the player is allowed to switch to. The default gamemode permissions are:

  • nucleus.gamemode.modes.survival
  • nucleus.gamemode.modes.creative
  • nucleus.gamemode.modes.adventure
  • nucleus.gamemode.modes.spectator

This is in addition to the standard /gamemode command permission nucleus.gamemode.base.

If you want your users to be able to access all game modes, grant the permission nucleus.gamemode.modes


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