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Command Management

Learn how to manage Nucleus commands, including aliases, cooldowns, warmups and costs.

1: Aliases

The settings on this page cannot be applied while the server is running. You must restart the server to enact these changes.

Finding your command

Every command has a key which will depend on the name of the command or subcommand.

  • Commands will have a key that is the same as the primary alias of the command name

    For example, the /home command will have a key of home. As /nhome is an alias of /home, /nhome is covered by the home key.

  • Subcommands will have a key that contains a period separated path

    For example, the /home set command will have a key of home.set. The alias /sethome is covered by this as /home set is the standard command.

The command keys will also be supplied on this website soon.

Non-Nucleus commands cannot be affected by using this configuration file.

Enabling & Disabling commands

As well as enabling and disabling modules, individual commands and subcommands can be enabled and disabled. This can be done by setting the enabled key to true or false to enable or disable the command, respectively.

Setting Root Aliases

If you are updating from Nucleus 1.x, you will need to restore your aliases, there is no automatic migration.

A “root alias” is an alias for any Nucleus command or subcommand that acts as if it’s a top level command (i.e. not a subcommand).

For example, a “root alias” for /home set is /sethome. /home set is not a “root alias”. /home, however is.

Such aliases can be turned off by setting the alias within the "root level alias" section for the appropriate command to false.

While you can add your own aliases for Nucleus commands here, doing so is not supported and may result in your server being unable to start.


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