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Command Management

Learn how to manage Nucleus commands, including aliases, cooldowns, warmups and costs.

1: Aliases

Group based command modifiers

Nucleus supports per-group (and per-user) command modifiers that allow you to set command costs, warmups and cooldowns on a per group basis.

Per-group command modifiers will only work on the commands that generate modifier config entries in commands.conf.

To set such an override, set a permission option on the group (or user) of the form:

  • nucleus.<command key>.warmup for warmups
  • nucleus.<command key>.cooldown for cooldowns
  • nucleus.<command key>.cost for cost

The <command key> is the same as the key used in commands.conf.

For example: for the command /home, this would be home, for the command /home set this would be home.set.

Sample permission command

The command for common permission plugins to set these options on a group is:


If a user is also given the relevant exemption permission, these options will be ignored for that user.


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