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Creating and Managing Kits

Learn how to create, redeem and manage kits

Modifying Kit Redemption

While creating a kit is useful, most of the time you will wish to limit how often, or under what conditions, players can redeem kits.

First Join Kits (Initial Inventory)

Nucleus supports giving players items when they first join your server. Simply create a kit that contains the inventory you want to give the players when they first join, then run /kit setfirstjoin [kitname] true.

This kit is not visible on /kit list, is not redeemable more than once and does not have a cost by default.

For more information about what you might do for first time players, see this how to article on How to manage First Time Join actions

Cooldowns, Costs and One Time Only

To set the cooldown on the kit, run /kit setcooldown [name] [time], where the time interval is the format of the Timespan Argument, for example, /kit setcooldown kit1 6d to set the cooldown for kit1 to 6 days.

To set a kit as “one use only”, run /kit onetime [kit] [true|false].

To set a cost for using the kit, run /kit cost [name] [cost]. Set the cost to 0 to remove the cost. The requires the use of an economy plugin.

Resetting Player Usage

If a player has used a kit and you wish to remove the cooldown or one-time use so they can use it again immediately, run /kit resetusage [player] [kit].


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