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Creating and Managing Warps

Learn how to create and manage warps

Warp Categories

Warps can be organised into categories in /warps to make things more manageable when you have many warps. However, this must be turned on in the configuration if you wish to use it.

Enabling Warp Categories

In main.conf, in the warp section, set list-warps-by-category to true.

If you are editing the configuration while the server is running, be sure to run /nucleus reload to pick up the configuration change.

Setting Warp Categories

To set a category for a warp, you can use the command:

/warp setcategory [-n] [-r] <warp> [<category>]

where <warp> is the name of the warp and <category> is the name of the category to set (if you are not removing a category). The category is alphanumeric, but a display name can be set for the category, which will be covered in the next section.

There are two flags that you may need to add to your command.

  • -n indicates that you want to add a new category to the list, if you don’t use this flag and the category doesn’t exist yet, you’ll be prompted to add this flag to confirm the creation.
  • -r indicates you want to remove the category from the warp.

Adding descriptions for warps and warp categories

Warp categories can have descriptions and display names, which also accept colour codes. They will be displayed on the /warps list, and can be managed using the following commands.

  • /warp category list - lists all categories
  • /warp category setdisplayname [category] [& encoded name] - sets a display name for a category.
  • /warp category setdescription [category] [& encoded description] - sets a description for a category.
  • /warp category removedisplayname [category] - removes the display name for a category.
  • /warp category removedescription [category] - removes the description for a category.

Running the following commands for a category named “test”:

  • /warp category setdisplayname test "&4Test &7Category"
  • /warp category setdescription test "&bThis is a &ltest description"

gives the following.

warp categories

Warps can also have their own description, but for space reasons, these descriptions will be put into the hover that appears when you hover over a warp link. They can be set using the following command (or use -r to remove the description):

  • /warp setdescription [-r] [warp] [& encoded description]

So, on warp “hello2”, running the command /warp setdescription hello2 "This is the warp location &awhere you will be greeted with a sunny disposition and a gentle wave of a hand!" gives the result:

warp categories

If you would rather put the description in the main menu, and have the cost/location appear in the tooltip, set show-warp-description-in-list to true in the warp section of main.conf.


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