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Creating and Managing Warps

Learn how to create and manage warps

Setting Permissions

Allowing users to use warps

To allow a user to use the /warp command, give them the nucleus.warp.base permission.

Do not give them the nucleus.warp permission on its own. If you do, you will give players the ability to set and delete warps, as well as bypass warmups, cooldowns and costs.

Allowing users to list warps

If you want users to be able to view all the warps they are able to use via the /warps or /warp list commands, give them the nucleus.warp.list.base permission.

Per-Warp permissions

You will also need to give players permission to use the warps you wish to use.

Every warp has its own permission so that you are able to control which warps different users have access to. For example, if you run some sort of Factions based server, you will probably want players to only be able to access their own bases. Alternatively, you might be running some sort of role-playing server where players can only return to places they’ve been, by using another plugin or system to set permissions on players when they enter your area.

Nucleus does not have a function to set permissions when you encounter a warp.

If you want to give a user or group permission for all warps

Give the user or group the nucleus.warps permission.

Be careful, this permission is plural and should not be mixed up with nucleus.warp.

They will still need the nucleus.warp.base permission.

If you want to give user or group permission to use specific warps

Give the user or group the permission nucleus.warps.<warp name> for each warp, where <warp name> should be replaced by the name of your warp in lower case.

For example, if you have the warp Warp1, the permission will be nucleus.warps.warp1.

They will still need the nucleus.warp.base permission.


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