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Creating and Managing Warps

Learn how to create and manage warps

Creating and Deleting Warps

Creating a Warp

You will need the nucleus.warp.set.base command to create a warp

You can create a warp by moving your player to the spot where you want a warp to be created and by setting a warp. The position and rotation of your player will be stored along with the warp name. Anyone who uses the warp will be teleported to the stored position and given the stored rotation.

Use the /warp set <name> command, where <name> is an alphanumeric name that will be associated with the warp. This will create the warp.

Setting a Warp’s Cost

You will need the nucleus.warp.cost.base permission to set a cost for a warp

Each warp can be given its own cost. To do so, use the command /warp cost <warp name> <cost>, where <warp name> is replaced with the name of the warp you want to give a cost to and <cost> is replaced with the cost it should have.

All warps can be given a default cost when created. This can be set in the warp category in main.conf, on the default-warp-cost key.

Deleting a warp

You will need the nucleus.warp.delete.base command to delete a warp

A warp can be deleted using the /warp delete <name> command, where <name> is the name of the warp to be deleted.


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