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Creating and Managing Kits

Learn how to create, redeem and manage kits

This tutorial will help you create and manage kits

You will need

  • A Sponge server, installed and running

    See the Sponge quickstart guide if you require help creating a Sponge server.

  • Nucleus installed and running

    If you have not yet installed or run Nucleus and need help with this, read the installation tutorial first.

  • A player with permissions to create and manage kits

    These permissions can be found on the kits module page, but can be the nucleus.kit and nucleus.kits permissions for the purposes of this tutorial

Be very careful if you use the permissions suggested here. nucleus.kit includes the permission nucleus.kit.command.add.base, which allows you to create commands on kits that run as the server and can allow an attacker to take control of your server.

If this tutorial does not answer all your questions about kits, you may find more information in the kit module pages

Start now: Creating Kits >

Tutorial Contents

  1. Creating Kits
  2. Viewing and Redeeming
  3. Modifying Redemption
  4. Kit Commands

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