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Welcome to the new docs site for Nucleus v2! Still on Nucleus v1? Visit the old site here.

General Information

Mods and Plugins that do not work well with Nucleus

Simple answers to frequently asked questions

Translate Nucleus into your own language


Step by step tutorials

Learn how to install Nucleus and tailor it to your needs

Learn how to set cooldowns, warmups and costs on your commands

Learn how to create and manage kits

Learn how to create and manage warps

How To

Quick articles that resolve specific, common tasks

Things you need to do when upgrading from v1 to v2.

One way to set up Nucleus' recommended permissions automatically

Another way to set up Nucleus' recommended permissions automatically

Enabling and disabling modules

Customise chat formatting on a per player, group and server-wide basis

Supporting new players with a first spawn location and an initial inventory

Pre-generating chunks on the world to improve server performance

General Reference

Lists of commands, permissions and placeholder tokens

Nucleus Commands

Nucleus Permissions

Links and Placeholders in Nucleus

Migrating from Essentials to Nucleus

Module References

Core Nucleus functions

Administrative commands

Idle player management

Returning to last waypoint

Banning players

Server chat management

Logging server chat to a separate file

Reserved slots and configurable whitelist messages

Login and logout messages

Controls whether death messages are sent

Manages world environment, including weather and time

Enables manipulation of experience

Allow survival players to fly

Personal warps

Ignore players in chat

In game MOTDs and server info pages

Looking at and manipulating other's inventories

Item manipulation

Jailing players

Short range teleportation

Kicking players from the server

Sets of items and commands players can redeem

Sending messages to personal inboxes

Private messaging

A collection of misc. goodies!

Mob spawning control

Player chat suppression

Banning names, rather than accounts

Player nicknames

Attaching administrative notes to players

Broadcasts, titles and action bar messages

Information about players, including listing all players

Personal binding of commands to items

Basic protection of crop tramping and mob griefing

Random location teleportation

Displaying rules

Control over the server listing on the Join a Server window

Coloured text on signs

Customise server spawn

Chat Channel for staff

Player teleportation

Player vanishing

Server defined waypoints

World and border management


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